These Oktoberfest Inspired Adidas Sneakers Can Repel Spilt Beer

In the spirit of Germany’s favorite holiday, Oktoberfest, Adidas has come up with a pair of sneakers perfect for complimenting the German festivities.

The Adidas München are similar to traditional Adidas Three-Stipe sneakers, but are designed after traditional German lederhosen which are popular during the event. They look great, but what’s much cooler is that they are made with a specific coating made to repel water, and more importantly, beer. So, you won’t ruin your nice kicks by spilling a glass of beer (or twelve).

They look really cool, but they’ll set you back about €200 without tax or shipping. Plus, there’s only a few sizes left in stock. Hopefully, they’ll come back before next year’s event.

Hit the jump for more shots of the sneakers and a short video by Adidas.