Top 10 Note 8 cases and covers


To celebrate the recent launch of the Note 8, we’re going recommend ten of the best cases available for the new phone! Whether you want something minimalist or ultra-protective, classy or practical, we’re sure to have a Note 8 case or cover for you… take a look!

Last updated: August 31st, 2017

10. Rearth Ringke Air Prism Case

This stylish modern case combines a bold design with excellent protection for the Galaxy Note 8. Available in Rose Gold or Glitter Grey, the Air Prism cases impress thanks to their stunning geometric designs and slimline construction. The cases are made from premium TPU to ensure decent scratch and drop protection, while a raised lip protects the Note 8’s screen from damage. All in all, this is an attractive Note 8 case at a tempting price.

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9. Olixar X-Tome Leather-Style Book Case

Olixar X-Tome Leather-Style Samsung Galaxy S8 Book Case - Brown

This gorgeous leather-style case disguises your Galaxy Note 8 as a leather-bound tome, using the considerable stature of the Note 8 to great advantage. The case is still slim enough to fit in a pocket, and wouldn’t look out of place in a great library or the office of a high-ranking government official. The case even includes built-in card slots, allowing you to keep your cash and cards away from prying eyes.

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8. Olixar FlexiShield Gel Case

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is a pricey phone, so you might be after an inexpensive case — particularly if you pay the full SIM-free price of £869! This FlexiShield case from Olixar will do the job of protecting your phone from the scratches and knocks of daily use, without adding significant weight or bulk. It’s also easy to install and remove thanks to its flexible gel design. All in all, a solid budget option that will let your wallet rest and recover for a bit after the trauma of buying a new Samsung flagship!

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7. Official Samsung Protective Stand Cover

This Protective Stand Cover from Samsung is a new design from the company, intended to provide top-notch protection without harming the styling of the Note 8. I actually quite like this case; its segmented design reminds me of spaceships like Starbug 1 off Red Dwarf. Whatever its taxonomy, its textured surface provides plenty of grip, and its built-in stand is handy for watching videos on trains. Consider this case if you want to keep your Note 8 in good condition and you prefer a boxier design.

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6. Krusell Sunne Folio Wallet

This elegant wallet is made from genuine leather, providing a gorgeous classic appearance that will wear naturally and beautifully over time. The case includes pockets for cash and cards, and a built-in stand that makes this one of the most practical cases around. If you prefer classic designs, this executive folio is one of our top recommendations.

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5. Olixar ExoShield Tough Snap-on Case

The ExoShield is a newer design from Olixar, offering excellent protection while keeping the back of your Note 8 fully visible — particularly in the clear version of the case. You get a non-slip coating for extra grip, a slim design that adds little weight and raised bezels that protect the screen from taking unwanted punishment. At just £8, it’s hard not to love the ExoShield!

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4. Official Samsung Alcantara Cover

Samsung official Alcantara cases debuted for the Galaxy S8 earlier this year, where they quickly became one of the most popular official cases available. They’re back for the Note 8, and should be similarly popular thanks to their range of colour schemes, soft fabric design and full wireless charging compatibility. Alcantara is used in space capsules, designer handbags and racecars, and it feels just as high-end and luxurious on your phone too — give it a try!

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3. Caseology Legion Series

The Caseology Legion series offers a bold two-tone look that underscores the solid protection provided. The case’s military-grade dual-layer design and corner air pockets shrugs off drops and knocks with ease, while the lip around the screen helps prevent damage there too. If you want your Note 8 to survive for along time, this is the case for you!

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2. Official Samsung LED View Cover

Samsung LED View Cover offers a classy way of checking the time and seeing notifications without opening the case: just read the integrated LED display on the front cover. You get all of the screen protection and classic style of a folio case, without the traditional downside. This smart combination – and the integrated credit card slot — make this one of our favourite Note 8 cases.

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1. Ghostek Nautical Waterproof Case

If you want the ultimate in Note 8 protection, then you should consider the Ghostek Nautical Case. This case is waterproof to one metre for 30 minutes, dustproof and shock resistant, allowing your phone to survive all of the rigours of day-to-day life and then some! The rugged design includes a TPU cover on the back, a touch-compatible screen guard and a highly drop-resistant frame. Together you’ll find very little that can harm your Note 8 with this case on, making it our top choice today!

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Wrapping up

Thanks for checking out the article. You can have a look at our full range of cases via the link below, or write us a comment with your questions or feedback. Thanks again and enjoy your week!

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