Trek Launches Bontrager WaveCel Helmets with Better Brain Protection


A bicycle helmet is obviously intended to protect your noggin from the trauma of a collision or fall. So anything that offers additional protection – without significantly impacting weight, comfort or styling – is a good thing. Trek’s new Bontrager helmets have an innovative technology called WaveCel that seems to check all of those boxes.

WaveCel, developed by orthopedic surgeon Dr. Steve Madey and biomechanical engineer Dr. Michael Bottlang, is a flexible, plastic insert on the inside of the new helmet line. Its collapsible cell structure is engineered to absorb and redistribute the force of cranial impacts typically experienced by riders when they fall. Moving independently from the rest of the helmet, the WaveCel layer will first flex to absorb the linear impact, and then glide to redistribute the angular energy of the impact. An analogy would be the parkour technique of a jump and roll when falling – the roll redistributes the energy into forward momentum, rather than directing it down into the ground (which is then transferred back up into your legs).