We Need To Talk More About This Alexa Moto Mod That Costs $150

Last week I wrote about two new upcoming Moto Mods. A Polaroid Instant Printer and an Alexa Speaker. I focused on the printer, because it’s just way more interesting, and mostly skipped the Alexa speaker, essentially just saying ‘Get a Dot’. Well that all changes now, cause at a whopping $150, Motorola must be out of their freaking minds.

Where do I start? How about that phones like the HTC u11 and the, just announced, Motorola X4 already have Alexa integration built-in and don’t require an expensive and bulky hump. Also, it’s a bulky hump that you’re supposed to leave attached to your phone like a sad turtle shell. Not to mention, to get the best response from Alexa, you should lay your phone face down on a table, seriously.

And most obviously, you can just buy an Amazon Echo for $99. Like a real, fully-functional, flagship model Echo. And have enough left for an Echo Dot as well. But hey, it works as a better, louder speaker for the phone, and that’s cool I guess.

What more can I say except, pre-order yours now because these things will sell out fast.

[ TheVerge ]

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