Weekend Whammy: Best Selling Games & Consoles of 2020


HELLO! HI! ALOHA! Welcome back, friends and chimps that have learned how to use the Internet. It’s time for another Weekend Whammy where I ramble on about what I’ve been playing and what I plan on playing, plus I’ll also be covering some Star Wars and Indiana Jones news before wrapping it all up with a quick discussion about the best selling consoles and games of 2020!

I’ve been playing a variety of games lately, bouncing from title to title. First, I’ve been playing Helheim Hassle which is coming to PS4 very soon, having launched on PC and Xbox last year. Basically, it’s a platformer/puzzle game featuring a viking who is brought back to life and wants nothing more than to get to Helheim, the viking version of Hell, because Valhalla kinda sucks. Oh, and he can separate his limbs and his head from his body and control them all independently, leading to cool puzzles where your disembodied hand hurls your head onto a platform. I’m a few hours in and so far it’s a fun, enjoyable game with a cast of wacky, zany characters. Its humour won’t be for everyone, though.