Weekend Whammy: Ghost of Tsushima, Paper Mario & More


Welcome back to another Weekend Whammy! And this one is even on the weekend! On this week’s dose of nonsense I’m going to talk lock down, the Horizon: Zero Dawn PC port being a bit rough, Ghost of Tsushima being awesome and skateboarding in Death Stranding.

I was in the first place in Scotland to get locked back down due to the C-virus. After months of shielding I was finally allowed to go back into the real world, so I drove to Aberdeen ( I live a bit away) to pick up some delicious TGI Friday takeout and visit my best mate who I hadn’t gotten to hang out with since the start of this whole escapade. And then about an hour into my visit the message came through that due to idiots being idiots at the weekend, Aberdeen had officially been locked back down. So that was awesome.

More worryingly, my little hometown has been having problems too. The harbour is a beautiful spot to hang out with a few terrific pubs, but naturally that attracts people like flies and they seem all too happy to ignore the rules. The cops have appeared a few times, but that doesn’t seem to be detterring them, and now with Aberdeen shut down we’ve got an influx of people travelling from city to invade our pubs, just adding to the stupidity. I get the feeling we might get locked down here as well.

But ah well, let’s chat games! In terms of reviews I put out one for Hellpoint, a Dark Souls inspired game with a sci-fi coat of paint and a couple of cool ideas. Unfortunately, I just don’t think it works and it doesn’t seem to understand what makes the Souls style games work.

The remake of Destroy All Humans also came out and was a pretty good trip back in time. I stand by my score because when you really get down to it, it’s not an outstanding game, but it is really bloody fun. Sometimes that’s what you want and need in life. Anyway, you can check out the review of that over here.

I’ve got the new PC version of Horizon: Zero Dawn all lined up and I’ve been excited to try it out, but Digital Foundry have tamed my excitement a tad thanks to their wonderful work. They’ve been busy examining the port and it looks like it has a lot of issues. It’s a shame because the port of Death Stranding, which runs on the same engine, is fantastic. I’d advice either reading their article or checking out the video if you fancy learning a bit about what’s causing the issues. It also doesn’t seem to be much of a jump up in terms of overall visuals, although considering how amazing Zero Dawn looks already that’s not a huge problem.

Speaking of Death Stranding, did you guys catch my review? What did you think? It’s a tricky game to review, but that’s part of why I loved it. Games like Death Stranding are some of the most interesting to talk about because they’re like nothing else. But I’m not going to talk about deep issues and concepts. Nah, I want to talk about riding the hover-carries down hills like a sugar-crazed 2-year-old on a skateboard. It’s one of those awesome little Kojima details, the kind that you find littering the Metal Gear Solid games. Sure, you could use the floating carriers to haul more cargo, but why bother with that nonsense when you can Tony Hawk it down a mountain? Now, if only they’d add a kick-flip button it’d be a 5 out of 5 from me.

Sticking with the open-world theme I have successfully been playing Ghost of Tsushima for a while without even making it past the first chapter. I keep getting distracted by chasing down Golden Birds and completing tales and messing about with the photo mode. It’s such a visually astounding game at times, making it a doddle to get amazing shots using the photo mode.

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