Weekend Whammy: The Surge 2, Stardew Valley & Blizzard


Hello my dear friends, it’s time for another Weekend Whammy that ain’t actually on the weekend! If you didn’t already know the Weekend Whammy posts are where I chat about the reviews I’ve put up in the past week, what’s coming up, what I’ve been playing and more. Of course, it’s also where I want to know what you guys have been playing! Drop me a comment so we can chat games.

My biggest review of the past week was for the Nintendo Switch Lite which really impressed me. I tackled the review as someone who doesn’t own a regular Switch, so hopefully I managed to provide a slightly different take on the console.

Speaking of the Switch Lite, I’ve found that it’s pretty much the perfect device for playing Stardew Valley on. I reviewed Stardew Valley a while back and loved it, but I’ve got a newfound adoration of the game on the Lite because now I can sink into my couch and while away an hour tending to my little farm. Or when I’m out and about I can whip out the Lite, fire up the game for five minutes and still feel like I’ve made some progress.

And my final bit of Switch Lite related nonsense comes from the awesome folks over at Digital Foundry who have broken down and analysed the port of The Witcher 3. It’s some seriously impressive stuff. The fact that they managed to take The Witcher 3 and compact it into a 32GB cartridge is incredible, but that they also made it run pretty well is simply mind-blowing.