Weekend Whammy: Turn-Based Games Everywhere & Solo Boardgames


Hello my fellow human beings! How’s lockdown going for you all? Are you managing to stay sane, or have you already resorted to burying members of your household in the back garden? Based on the NHS letter I got I’m supposed to be staying indoors until June, but the way things are going the regular lockdown may still be in effect by then anyway. Thank Odin for games, right? Speaking of which, this week let’s chat about the weird influx of turn-based strategy games!

Suddenly it seems like I can’t move more than a few feet without tripping over a turn-based strategy game. It started with Corruption 2029, then came Phoenix Point which I reviewed the other week. To be fair, that’s actually a game from 2019, but still. It counts.

Alder’s Blood arrived next. It’s dark and grimy, dripping in gloomy atmosphere with a fascinating world that I’d honestly love to see get translated over to a novel. It came packing some cool ideas, like ritually sacrificing your own Hunters before they go crazy from Corruption. And if that wasn’t dark enough then the premise of the game has you hunting for the corpse of God whom humanity killed and which is now corrupting the Earth, unleashing beasts that now roam the land.

If Alder’s Blood is all gloom and doom then Fort Triumph is unicorns and lollipops. It’s a farcical fantasy and a very lightweight turn-based strategy game that also includes some basic town building and even some Heroes of Might & Magic style overworld gameplay. For those that love a challenge and revel in planning complex assaults this will not be the game for you, but if you fancy something cheerful, light and just fun to mess around in then Fort Triumph could be what you need. It’s like XCOM but without all the damn stress. Look out for my review soon.