What are some free movie websites?


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Today, there are many websites that allow you to watch full-length movies for free and legally. To allow for movies to be free, many of the websites are supported by showing limited advertising. Below is a short list of the best free movie websites on the Internet. Some of these sites also allow you to watch movies without requiring you to sign up for an account or install special software.


Because of different licensing agreements, each of the following services have different movies available. So, if you’re looking for a specific movie, it can be difficult to know which of the following services has the movie. Thankfully, sites like JustWatch and Yidio help you find where movies are streaming and if they’re available for free (ad-supported).


Crackle is a service from Sony that allows its viewers to watch full-length movies, TV shows, and original programming. The service is available through its website, mobile devices, set-top boxes, and video game consoles.

Require account or login? No

Watch movies on Crackle


Service provided by Screen Media Ventures that offers over 1,500 movies and has the largest independently owned film libraries in the motion picture industry.

Require account or login? No

Watch movies on Popcornflix


YouTube Movies & Shows

YouTube Movies & Shows is a YouTube channel that lists full-length movies available for free with ads.

Require account or login? No, unless age needs to be verified.

Watch movies on YouTube Movies & Shows


Tubi has over 20,000 movies and television shows available to stream for free.

Require account or login? No

Watch movies on Tubi

The Roku Channel

The Roku Channel is a streaming service from Roku with full-length movies to watch for free on their website or through a Roku device.

Require account or login? No on the website; yes, if you want to stream over a Roku device.

Watch movies on The Roku Channel


Vudu is now a service owned by Walmart with a wide selection of free movies, and movies that can be rented and purchased.

Require account or login? Yes

Watch movies on Vudu



IMDb TV is an IMDb (Amazon) service that allows users who have an IMDb account to watch full-length movies and shows for free.

Require account or login? Yes

Watch movies on IMDb TV

Hoopla and Kanopy

Hoopla and Kanopy are websites that offer free movies to anyone with a participating library or university card. The services offer thousands of available movies that are viewable without any advertisements.

Require account or login? Yes with a library or university card.

Watch movies on Hoopla

Watch movies on Kanopy

Internet Archive

The Internet Archive has a great collection of thousands of older and classic public domain movies to watch for free and without any advertising.

Require account or login? No

Watch movies on Internet Archive

Other non-legal websites

There are other websites and torrents available online that claim to offer even more movies for free. Unfortunately, a lot of these websites are services that are illegally streaming or providing links to places that illegally stream movies. Because these sites don’t have the rights to show these movies, they’re supported by malicious advertisements and malware that can cause problems with your computer. Computer Hope does not link to any of these sites.

How do I know if the movie site is legal?

Below is a list of indicators that may help identify if the site you’re viewing is showing illegal content.

  • The website is not listed in our recommendations above of where to watch free movies.
  • Recommends its viewers use a VPN service or proxy to hide their IP address.
  • Showing recently released new Copyright protected movies or movies still in theaters for free.
  • Has disclaimers or warnings that content is not delivered through their website and is not responsible for links you find on a third-party site.
  • Most or all the movies you attempt to view go to another website.
  • Requires additional app, software, or browser add-on to be installed.
  • Has a page or section mentioning how to make DMCA requests about movies posted illegally.
  • All free movies are shown without advertisements.

Why should I not use an illegal movie site or service?

It may be tempting to try to find the latest movie for free online. However, there are several reasons we’d recommend not trying to illegally get a movie.

  • It’s illegal and could result in a fine.
  • You’re taking money away from the content creator who has paid probably hundreds of thousands or millions to make the movie.
  • Websites that want to try making money from other people’s work have to rely on malicious advertisers that may install spyware or other malware on your computer.
  • It’s not guaranteed. Sites linking to other sites are full of broken links, and you could spend a lot of time trying to find a valid link, if one exists.
  • It could disappear. Illegal content gets taken down by the content owners when found, and you may be unable to finish a show or movie.
  • It’s unreliable. It’s expensive to host streaming content, and reliable hosts don’t host illegal content, so you’ll get frequent buffering, or the movie may stop playing while it’s being watched.
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