What is facial recognition?


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Facial recognition is the ability of a computer or other electronic device to recognize who a person is by “reading” the person’s face. The device reads a person’s face using a webcam and can recognize features on the face that allows the device to know, or recognize, a person. Facial recognition falls into a category of software called biometric software, which focuses on characteristics of a person, including physical and behavioral.

For facial recognition to work, the device needs to do an initial scan of the person’s face. A scan is performed of the face, mapping the size and position of the forehead, eyes, nose, mouth, cheeks, and chin. Together, all of these facial features allow facial recognition software to create a faceprint, which is very similar to a fingerprint, but for a person’s face.

Some companies employ the use of facial recognition to allow employees to access a building, specific rooms in a building, or access secure files stored on computer systems. Facial recognition can provide a business with strong security for any needs they have. If used in conjunction with voice recognition, security can be greatly improved.

Another example for the use of facial recognition is with Windows 10. Logging into a computer or a specific user account on a computer that has Windows 10 can be done using facial recognition. When enabled, the user looks at the computer, or wherever the webcam is located, when prompted and the Windows 10 security system will use facial recognition to log the user into Windows. A password is no longer the key required to log in, but rather a user’s face becomes the key.

In 2017, Apple introduced FaceID, a facial recognition technology for the iPhone X that can be used to unlock the phone and authorize online purchases.

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