What is Netflix Party?


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If you want to watch a movie with someone, but neither of you want to go out or social distancing is needed, you can still watch Netflix together using the Netflix Party extension for Chrome. It allows users to watch a movie or television series in sync with other users, allowing them to view and chat about the content in real-time.

The following steps guide you through how to set up or join a Netflix Party.

How to start a Netflix Party


To host or view a Netflix Party; all users must have the Google Chrome browser, the Netflix Party Chrome extension. Furthermore, all users must be signed in to their Netflix account.

  1. Install the Netflix Party Chrome extension from the Netflix Party Chrome Web Store page.
  2. Click the Add to Chrome button.

Netflix Party Chrome add on

  1. On the pop-up, click the Add extension button.

Netflix Party add extension

  1. Once installed, a grey “NP” icon shows in your Chrome toolbar.

Netflix party NP icon

  1. Log into your Netflix account.
  2. Start playing the movie or show you want to view with others, but pause it immediately until everyone has joined, so no one misses any of the video.
  3. Once you start the video, in your Chrome toolbar, the “NP” icon turns red. Click the red NP. In the pop-up window, check or uncheck the box to choose whether you want to be the only one in control, and click Start the party. Once you click “Start the party,” a pop-up window generates a unique URL to give to other people with whom you want to share the video. Copy and send the URL to them either by text or e-mail. You can either enable or disable chat at this point.
  4. As shown in the image below, make sure all parties click the red NP icon after clicking the link to join the party. Otherwise, you’ll be watching the same show, but at different points in the show.

Netflix party start

Netflix party url

How to join a Netflix Party

  1. Ensure you have the Netflix Party Chrome extension installed.
  2. Click the link given to you by the host.
  3. Click the red NP icon in the Chrome toolbar.

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