What is Nintendo DS?


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Originally released in 2004, the Nintendo DS is a series of portable game consoles sold by Nintendo. The handheld form factor utilizes two screens, one being stylus-based for controlling and writing, and the other acting as the game display screen. The Nintendo DS also has buttons and a D-pad similar to more traditional game console controllers. The Nintendo DS family of gaming products is characterized by its original proprietary games using popular Nintendo properties, like Mario, Pokemon, and Zelda.

The portable aspect of the Nintendo DS family of gaming products was succeeded by the Nintendo Switch, which can be used in both home console and portable handheld modes. It also includes motion control features found in their home gaming consoles, like the Wii and Wii U.

Versions of the Nintendo DS

  • Nintendo DS – The original version of the console featuring stylus and button control, and a folding, dual-screen form factor.
  • Nintendo DS Lite – A smaller and lighter version of the original DS with an updated, more sleek design.
  • Nintendo DSi – A sequel to the DS Lite with additional Internet features and an included camera for photo booth effects and camera-based games.
  • Nintendo DSi XL – A larger version of the DSi featuring a larger display and overall form factor.
  • Nintendo 3DS – The second generation of DS consoles with 3D graphical capabilities, and a joystick input method added to the controls.
  • Nintendo 3DS XL – A larger version of the 3DS with updated features.
  • Nintendo 2DS – A DS console featuring a flat design rather than a foldable hinge, like the previous versions. The 2DS was sold at a lower price point than the 3DS of the time.
  • New 3DS – An updated version of the original 3DS released in 2014.
  • New 3DS XL – A larger variation of the new 3DS.
  • New 2DS XL – A sequel to the original 2DS with a larger form factor and updated design incorporating a hinge.

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