Best Camping Blanket [2020]


This SuitedNomad XL Outdoor camping blanket is waterproof, and windproof. It was also designed with a patent-pending thermal tech which uses a three-layer design to make this blanket capable of handling temperatures as low as 30-degrees.

It has a waterproof nylon exterior shell, with a 300 gsm Polar Fleece lining, which sandwiches a heat reflective layer. Yet it is still machine washable on the gentle cycle.

This innovative camping blanket measures in at 82-inches by 57-inches yet it only weighs in at little under 3-pounds. A carrying bag is included in the purchase to let you roll it up for easy transport and storage.

It’s also worth noting that SuitedNomad Outdoor backs this thermal blanket with a lifetime performance warranty. They endeavor to build a loyal customer base with high-quality customer service.

Wool is the original material of choice for heavyweight cold weather blankets. It has natural mildew, static and fire resistance, with superior warmth. This also means that this 66-inch by 90-inch blanket weighs in at a cozy 4.4-pounds, and will fit most full-size air mattresses.

Ektos carefully blended the EKTOS Heavy Wool Blanket with 10% synthetic fibers to give it a soft feel and counter the sometimes-itchy feel of a wool blanket. Yet this blanket hasn’t been treated with any artificial chemicals or dyes. It’s also machine or hand washable, though you might want to line dry it rather than tumble dry on low heat.

Horizon Hound designed their Down Camping Blanket to use responsibly sourced down for superior warmth, while also meeting the highest standards for the humane treatment of the animals. This level of high-quality down produces a blanket with superior warmth and softness.

The exterior of this cold weather blanket is made from 20 denier Ripstop fabric. Horizon Hound also treats it with a DWR water resistant material which also imbues it with superior stain resistance. At the same time, it’s also machine washable on the delicate setting.

This 77-inch by 50-inch camping blanket only weighs an ultralight 1-pound 6-ounces. There is a special stuff sack included in the purchase which lets you roll and compact it for a minimal footprint in your backpack.

How We Picked

There are a few different ways to define a camping blanket. Its most common use and the type of material will rise to the top of the list.

Organic materials like wool and duck down tend to make a blanket with superior warmth. Today’s humane standards for animal treatment have allowed these materials to regain much of their past popularity. Some manufacturers will also blend a small number of synthetic fibers with the wool fibers to give it superior softness. These blankets are often best for truly cold weather camping.

Fleece, which is sometimes rated as “Polar Fleece” is a synthetic fiber that is known for being soft and warm. Some of these blankets are breathable, which makes them a good option for camping in the spring through fall. You can also use them as a secondary blanket when cold weather camping.

Just bear in mind that fleece on its own is not really “Sand Proof.” Without some type of special treatment or an additional boundary, layer fleece can easily trap sand, which makes it a very poor blanket for the beach or taking to a picnic. It also tends to be better for sitting around a campfire at night or cuddling up on a stadium bleacher for a fall football game.

Synthetic blankets continue to grow in popularity and innovation. Many use nylon or other synthetic fibers for the exterior shell. This often makes them waterproof, water-resistant, stain-resistant or sand proof. There is a lot of creative versatility with these blankets, so you need to carefully read through what is usually proprietary fabrics.

Size and compression was also something we kept an eye on. A wool blanket might be just fine draped on the back of a couch at the cabin. Yet when you fold it up and stuff it in your backpack it can be a little bulky. Blankets that compress down into a small stuff sack or carrying case were preferable for hiking campers and people where space is at a premium when they travel.

Horizon Hound Down Camping Blanket


  • Made from 20 denier ripstop fabric
  • Meant as a cold-weather blanket
  • Responsibly sourced down
  • DWR water-resistant exterior treatment
  • Stain-resistant
  • Comes with a stuff sack

Horizon Hound takes a brave step forward into the realm of responsibly sourced down blankets. Being RDS certified means that farmers and every level of the process are audited and held accountable to the highest standards in animal treatment.

Horizon Hound Down Camping Blanket in bag

This also means that this blanket is directly geared to those who need a high-quality warm blanket for camping in cold weather conditions. The exterior is made from 20 denier Ripstop fabric. It’s also been treated with a DWR water-resistant material that also gives it superior stain resistance.

Horizon Hound Down Camping Blanket outdoors

It comes with a stuff sack that allows you to compress it. Just pay attention to how it comes out of the bag the first time, so you can try to replicate that when packing it back. It might take a couple of attempts to fully get the hang of it.

Horizon Hound Down Camping Blanket in the outdoors

There are several different sizes of the blanket to consider. All of them are surprisingly lightweight. The 77-inch by 50-inch blanket only weighs in at a staggering 1-pound 6-ounces.

What We Liked

The Responsibly Sourced Down is certainly something you have to note with this blanket. Down has come under intense criticism in the past for the inhuman treatment of the animals. So, it’s nice to see that Horizon Hound is stepping up to the plate on an important issue.

For what it’s worth these down blankets are considered “Machine Washable” on the delicates setting.


If you need to camp in cold conditions, and you are ethically comfortable with responsibly sourced down, then this Responsibly Sourced Down camping blanket deserves to be on your list for consideration.

Theraplume Camping Blanket

Theraplume Camping Blanket


  • 380T nylon Ripstop fabric
  • Stuff sack included
  • 50” X 70” blanket only weighs 2-pounds
  • Compressed down to 10” X 15” sack
  • Backed by a quality guarantee

Thermaplume is a fast-growing manufacturer in the camping blanket niche. They hang their hat on providing high-quality products that are backed by a quality guarantee and an increased focus on customer service.

Theraplume Camping Blanket and bag

This particular blanket is designed for medium weight warmth on a summer or perhaps a fall camping trip. It’s not really meant for truly cold weather exposure, without a companion blanket.

Close-up of the Theraplume Camping Blanket

The exterior is made from 380T nylon Ripstop fabric, which gives it superior tear and abrasion resistance. It’s also been treated by Durable Water Repellent (DWR) for superior water and stain resistance. Yet it is also still machine washable and dryer safe at low heat.

Theraplume Camping Blanket on backpack

Thermaplume includes a stuff sack or carrying case with this blanket. When properly folded and compressed the 50-inch by 70-inch blanket will fit in the 10-inch by 15-inch sack. While only weighing in at 2-pounds.

What We Liked

The fact that this blanket is made from synthetic materials yet is still machine washable and dryer safe is a nice touch. The quality guarantee and Thermaplume’s dedication to the highest levels of customer service is also something you shouldn’t turn your nose up at.


This is a great blanket for the price. It’s machine washable and easy to transport. Just don’t expect it to get you through a brutally cold night sleeping on a mountain.

Theraplume Camping Blanket

  • 50” X 70” blanket compresses down to 10” X 15”
  • Stuff sack included
  • DWR stain and water repellent treatment

Kelty Bestie Blanket

Kelty Bestie Blanket


  • 75D polyester taffeta shell
  • 190T Poly Pongee liner
  • 1-inch thickness
  • Cloud Loft insulation
  • Stuff sack included
  • 75.5” x 42.5’
  • Weight is 1.5 pounds

Kelty is another fast-growing outdoor sleeping gear manufacturer with its own flavor tailored to different market segments. This particular blanket has enjoyed some rounds as a best seller through a variety of online retailers.

Kelty Bestie Blanket

It’s primarily angled towards families who perhaps need a camping blanket on their lap for a cool night sitting around the campfire. While it’s 1-inch thick, you wouldn’t want to rely on this blanket to get you through a brutally cold night at altitude.

Kelty Bestie Blanket on a camping trip

The exterior shell is made from 75 denier polyester taffeta. The liner is made from 190T poly-pongee, which is a soft Chinese synthetic fabric that gives the blanket a modest degree of warmth. This comes in the form of Kelty’s “Cloud Loft” insulation.