Best Car Holders & Mounts for 2021


There are so many different types of car phone and tablet holders available including vent holders, magnetic mounts, dashboard and windscreen holders plus headrest mounts, that it can be confusing when it comes to purchasing one.

This is why we’ve created this guide of the best smartphone and tablet car holders for 2021, which covers each type of car holder, the price points and the benefits of each.

1. Olixar TriMount Windscreen, Dashboard & Vent Smartphone Car Holder

Available for £9.99/£11.99

First up we have the Olixar TriMount Car Holder which as the name suggests is a 3 in 1 car phone holder that can be attached to either your car’s air vents, dashboard or windscreen thanks to an interchangeable design. This versatile car holder is perfect for mounting in different areas depending on the type of journey you’re going on and where you find it most comfortable to view. Additionally, it’s capable of rotating 360 degrees for the perfect angle too. With a universal design, the Olixar TriMount can hold and secure phones which have up to a 6″ screen.

2. iOttie 10W Easy One Touch 2 In-Car Wireless Charging Dash Mount

iOttie 10W Easy One Touch 2 In-Car Wireless Charging Dash Mount


Available for £44.99/£51.99

The iOttie Easy One Touch 2 features a suction mount design that easily attaches to your car’s dashboard for a safe and secure fit, while the telescopically extendable arm means you’re able to position it at the perfect angle. With a one-touch button & mechanism, iOttie has created the Touch 2 for one-handed mounting. In addition, it’s also capable of charging your iOS or Android smartphone wirelessly, perfect for when you’re on a long road trip and are using your smartphone for navigation.

3. Macally Universal Tablet Headrest Mount Pro With Tray Table & Cup Holder

Macally Universal Tablet Headrest Mount With Tray Table & Cup Holder

Available for £39.99/£46.49

The Macally Universal Tablet Headrest mount is the perfect way of keeping passengers entertained on long journeys. Designed to be mounted on the back of your car’s seats, the Mount Pro can be positioned in either landscape or portrait orientations thanks to the 360 degree ball joint and adjustable frame, meaning it can be positioned in the middle of the car too. Compatible with both smartphones and tablets, the Macally Headrest Mount Pro has a unique feature in the form of a built-in food tray and cup holder, making it the ideal tablet and car holder for roadtrips.

4. Official Samsung Universal Smartphone Vehicle Dock Mount & Car Holder

Official Samsung Universal Smartphone Vehicle Dock Mount - Car Holder

Available for £19.99/£23.49

The Official Samsung Vehicle Dock & Car Mount can be attached to either your car’s windscreen or dashboard, depending on your personal preference. The dock can hold phones up to 83mm wide and features a locking mechanism and suction mount, to ensure your phone is kept and secure whilst driving. As with many other car holders, this Official Samsung mount can also be rotated 360 degrees for portrait and landscape modes.

5. Olixar Magnetic Vent Mount Universal Smartphone Car Holder

Olixar Magnetic Vent Mount Universal Smartphone Car Holder - Black

Available for £9.99/£11.99

Designed to attach to your car’s air vents, the Olixar Smartphone Car Holder provides easy one-handed mounting thanks to the use of a magnet. With metal plates provided within the box, the holder provides a strong magnetic hold to ensure your smartphone is kept in position and does not fall off, regardless of which angle you mount your phone at.

Wrapping up

We hope you found this guide useful and were able to find a car holder that is compatible with both your car and smartphone. Don’t forget to check out our entire range of car holders and view the various other car holders in stock now.

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