Best Headlamp [2019]


Best Overall Pick: MOICO 7-LED Rechargeable Headlamp
No matter what anyone says, a headlamp should be bright. The problem with those ultra-bright headlamps is generally the high price that comes with it. Generally, the brighter the headlamp, the higher the price. Someone must have forgotten to tell MOICO. This is absolutely one of the brightest headlamps on the market with a price tag that is more than reasonable. Additionally the multiple lighting modes as well as the various angles it offers make it the best headlamp for the average user.

Best Premium Pick: Cobiz Work LED Headlamp (LP006)
With one of the longest-lasting warranties of the dozens of products we have looked at, this one is hard to pass up. It is feature-packed with more options than most other headlamps and while it may cost slightly more, it is worth every penny. The IPX4 water resistance rating and the overall great built quality really justify the higher price.

Best Value Pick: EverBrite 2-Pack Headlamp
For those looking for a value option, the EverBrite 2-Pack Headlamp(s) are perfect for you. They put out a good amount of light, one battery charge lasts quite a while, and most importantly they are a bargain. In fact, you get two for the price of one. If you don’t plan on using your headlamp on a regular basis or are just looking for something to let your kids wear on a camping trip, these are a great option.

EverBrite 2-Pack Headlamp

  • One-Year Warranty
  • Comes With Two Headlamps
  • Life Expectancy Of Up To 100,000 Hours On A Single Set Of Batteries

For the adventure, there is nothing quite as thrilling as being out in the dark … Until you hear something go BUMP and you cannot see it. Then the thrill changes into panic and fear.

Is it a bear?
Is it an intruder?

You stand as still as possible not knowing what is in the darkness. Only to find out later that it was nothing more than a skunk rummaging through some trash. You decide right then and there that you need a headlamp. Good choice!

If you have been searching for the best headlamp available right now, we have no doubt that you see hundreds that claim to be the best. They have plenty of marketing jargon and other fancy names/features to explain why they have the best product on the market. So how do you know which one is the best?

That is where we come in…

We have looked at hundreds of different headlamps and compared them using a set of parameters to help decide which one is truly the best. And, we were able to narrow it down to ten.

So, are you ready to see the ten best headlamps available on the market today?

#1 Cobiz Work LED Headlamp (LP006)

Cobiz Work LED Headlamp (LP006)


  • Battery: Lithium-Ion
  • Lumens: 6,000
  • Weight: 13.6 Ounces

Anglers, hunters, campers all love the night sky. Everything seems different in the dark. And while there might be a different “atmosphere” when the lights are turned off, it can still make life a little more difficult when you cannot see what is in front of you. The Cobiz Work LED Headlamp is the perfect lighting accessory for any occasion. From work to play, it is built for business.

Cobiz Work LED Headlamp (LP006) front

The Cobiz Work LED Headlamp is packed with power, blasting out a staggering 6,000 lumens of light from three LED bulbs. To control how bright the headlamp is, you have three options: low, medium, and high. In low, only the middle light is lit. In medium, the two outside lights work. And on high, all three lights work. Of course, you also have a strobe function which can help if you find yourself in an emergency.

As for fit, the headlamp is made to adjust to any head size. It has adjustment straps on the horizontal plane and the vertical plane, making sure that it does not move and/or fall off no matter what activity you are engaging in. Plus, the lights are adjustable up to 90-degrees, making it perfect under a work visor or hat. On the back, there is an added safety light that glows orange letting people see you even from behind.

Cobiz Work LED Headlamp (LP006) getting wet

A few other notable features of this headlamp include IPX4 water resistance, meaning you can use it even if it is raining. The batteries can be recharged without being removed using an easily accessible charging port. And finally, the light can be zoomed in/out to create a beam that is perfect for any situation. And if you need any more to make this one of our top picks, this comes with a three-year warranty from Cobiz.