Best Indoor TV Antenna [2020]


With its updated design and components this Marathon digital TV antenna has become one of the most popular units in this niche. It includes an amplifier in the purchase to help filter out noise while also boosting signal clarity.

This amplified antenna was designed to connect to four or more televisions, which is very rare amongst its competitors. It’s also designed to automatically program channels, while also being able to pick up AM and FM radio signals.

Marathon engineered this antenna with a maximum range of 100 miles. Thoughtful mounting is essential for the best results. Thankfully, it was designed to be mounted indoor, outdoor, or in the attic.

This is Antan indoor TV antenna that can be laid flat-mounted in a window or mounted high to capture the best signal clarity. It was originally designed to have a range of 35 miles but with thoughtful placement, it is capable of receiving a reliable signal up to 45 miles.

To help with this, Antan includes a 16.5-foot coaxial cable. This allows you to try different positions within your home to find the best signal reception, without having to worry about repositioning your TV.

It has a maximum image resolution of 1080p, but it is technically rated to be 4K compatible, where available. You will also need a 4K TV to utilize it. Just note that at this very affordable price point, it doesn’t come with an included amplifier.

The Antop Dual-Omni-Directional Outdoor TV Antenna was designed to be just as comfortable indoors, as it is in an attic or mounted outdoors on the exterior of the home. It comes with a 33-foot coaxial cable and is made from durable weather-resistant materials. The antenna is shaped to capture signals from a 360-degree vertical and horizontal plane.

This antenna has a 65-mile range and includes an amplifier that uses Antop’s SMARTPASS technology. This helps to screen out some of the more common forms like 3G and 4G cellular signals. Antop further backs this digital TV antenna with a 30-day money-back guarantee, and a 12-month warranty.

It certainly appeals to homeowners who need to capture TV signals as well as RV travelers who want to simply pull up to their camping spot and watch TV without repositioning the antenna.

How We Picked

The “Cut the Cord” revolution continues to drive an increasing number of homes away from cable and toward other options. Modern technology and digital broadcast signals have allowed indoor antennas to evolve from their antiquated “Rabbit Ears” to become a reliable way to make the most out of local broadcast signals.

Finding the one that is right for you starts with determining the number and range of broadcast towers near you. The FCC provides this as a free service through the URL

This will give you a basic understanding of the kind of range you need to prioritize in an antenna. Most are reliably rated to be under 50 miles or so. However, modern technology and the inclusion of amplifiers can sometimes boost that range to 100 miles or more.

Just keep in mind that many of these ratings are relying on amplifiers to extend their feasible range to a distance that lets them outshine their competitors on paper. The strength of the signal and the image resolution you get in the end will most likely decrease as the distance to the nearest broadcast tower increases.

With this in mind, we kept an eye out for indoor digital TV antenna packages that included some type of amplifier or signal boosting technology. In some of these, you see added bells and whistles like IC chips and other types of proprietary tech that helps reduce noise or static. Most of them are designed to essentially screen out noise from FM and cellular signals then boost the remaining signal to the TV.

Of course, this also means that the amplifier needs some type of power. Some of the more versatile options could be plugged directly into a 110 Volt AC outlet or directly connected to the TV’s power via a USB cable.

The cable length was also a factor to keep in mind. The longer a coaxial cable is, the more likely it is to suffer from signal degradation. At the same time, we also looked for units that included a coaxial cable that was reasonably long enough to let you experiment with different antenna locations, without having to worry about moving the TV from your preferred location.

XFTREE 15-130 HDTV Indoor Digital TV Antenna With Amplifier


  • Lay Flat Antenna
  • Amplifier Included
  • 130 Mile Range
  • Intelligent Integrated Circuit (IC) chip
  • Long Range Setting For Range Over 35 Miles
  • 17-Foot Cord
  • Outlet Or USB Power
  • 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • 24-Month Warranty

The XFTREE 15-130 HDTV Indoor Digital TV Antenna comes with an amplifier included in the initial purchase. It uses the latest in updated technology to provide reasonably reliable signal clarity at a range of up to 130 miles from the nearest tower.


It admittedly does best at a 35-mile or less range. However, for people living in more rural or remote locations, it has a “Long-Range” setting, that you can use to improve clarity at a greater distance. This is due in part to the intelligent Integrated Circuit (IC) chip built into the system or optimize performance.

Watching sports on the XFTREE 15-130 HDTV

It comes with a 17-foot long cord, which lets you position it in your home where it gets the best signal, without having to change the location of your TV. The antenna can be powered by plugging it into a standard household AC outlet, or via your TV’s USB port.

What We Liked

The upgraded technology, with the amplifier included, is a nice touch that helps define the XFTREE 15-130 as a cutting-edge indoor antenna option. The 17-foot long cord and the ability to plug it into a wall outlet or USB port is also convenient.


This indoor TV antenna is a great option for people who live in an urban area with reliable signal strength as well as those who live out in the country and need to pick up limited channels at a range of more than 35 miles. The money-back-guarantee and 24-month warranty, with tech support, lets you buy with confidence.

GE UltraPro HD Amplified TV Antenna

GE UltraPro HD Amplified TV Antenna


  • TV, Wall Or Tabletop Mount
  • Amplifier included
  • Resolution up to 1080p
  • Noise Filtering Technology
  • 55 Mile Range

The GE UltraPro HD Amplified TV Antenna was designed to be mounted near the TV on the nearby wall, tabletop or on the TV itself. It comes with a 5-foot coaxial cable and is capable of HDTV VHF UHF.

GE UltraPro HD Amplified TV Antenna and accessories

There is an amplifier with noise filtering technology to provide the clearest possible reception.

GE UltraPro HD Amplified TV Antenna

Where available this indoor antenna can yield 1080p resolution. It has a maximum range of up 55 miles.