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The newly released iPhone 12 mini is a great phone that features Apple’s latest technology, all packed into a compact design, which is still popular amongst iPhone fans.

If you’ve decided to upgrade to the iPhone 12 mini or thinking of doing so, you’ll want to keep your new smartphone protected and looking great at all times. As a result, to help you choose the perfect case, we’ve shortlisted the best tough and protective cases for the iPhone 12 mini.

1. OtterBox Defender iPhone 12 mini Tough Case – Black

Available for £42.99 / $47.49

OtterBox are one of the most popular smartphone accessory makers in the world. Their Defender Series has long been the go to choice for smartphone users and it’s easy to see why. The OtterBox Defender iPhone 12 mini case boasts a three layered construction, combined together to provide comprehensive protection for iPhone 12 especially against scratching, shock and any potential impact caused from drops. This case also features a unique clip on belt holster which can either be applied to the back of the case or on the front for added protection to the iPhone 12 mini’s 5.4″ display.

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2. Love Mei Powerful iPhone 12 mini Protective Case – Black

Available for £29.99 / $33.49

Next up we have the Love Mei Powerful iPhone 12 mini protective case which is certainly one of the most toughest cases available. This is mainly down to being made from aluminium which makes it relatively light yet extremely protective. Additionally the case fully seals your iPhone 12 mini in, through it’s two layer construction which is locked into place with the provided screws. By doing so, the case add’s to the exisiting water and dust resistancy of the iPhone 12 mini. Love Mei also go further by providing a sealed rubber charging port.

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3. Zizo Bolt Series iPhone 12 mini Tough Case – Red

Available for £19.99 / $22.49

The Zizo Bolt iPhone 12 mini case is a tough yet stylish case and finished in a stunning red shade, which added some much needed colour to our test. Like the other cases in our list, this is also multi-layered which gives the case it’s protective capabilities, however unlike the others, this Zizo Bold case is slim and lightweight, which is something that you wouldn’t expect from a tough or protective case. Aptly named ‘Bolt Series’, the case is finished with exposed bolts on the rear to give it a unique look. Zizo have also included a screen protector, rotating belt clip and a 40cm lanyard for added value for money.

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4. Olixar ArmourDillo iPhone 12 mini Protective Case – Black

Available for £9.99 / $11.49

The Olixar ArmourDillo case has long been on the smartphone case market and is extremely popular, which we’d say is mainly down to it’s unique tyre effect design and also it’s price, which is much less compared to other tough cases. However the low price does not reflect in capabilities to protect the iPhone 12 mini and still guards against scratches, knocks, shock and imapcts with ease. In terms of usability, Olixar have incorporated a flip out stand of the ArmourDillo iPhone 12 mini which is useful for watching videos wherever you may be.

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5. UAG Monarch iPhone 12 mini Tough Case – Carbon Fibre

UAG are another case manufacturer that you’ve most likely heard of. The Monarch series is an extremely tough case, which is down to it’s five layer construction and so guards the iPhone 12 mini without any issue. If there’s any doubt to the Monarch’s protective properties, UAG have created this iPhone 12 mini case to exceed Military drop (MIL-STD (810g-516.6) tests twice.

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Wrapping Up

Thanks for reading our roundup of the best iPhone 12 mini tough and protective cases. We hope that you found this useful and if you have any questions, please leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you.

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