Best Kitchen Torch [2019]


The Kollea 878A Culinary Butane Kitchen Torch has the features and quality to appeal to professional chefs as well as home cooks. It works on refillable butane with an average run time of up to 60 minutes.

It has a safety locking trigger with an easy to use piezo push-button ignition. The nozzle also produces a flame up to six inches long with a finger guard to protect your knuckles from the intense heat. It also has a stable foot to let it sit firmly on the countertop.

When the adjustable flame control dial is turned up to the max this torch can produce up to 2,500-degrees of heat. The neck also has special anti-flare technology for times when you need to use it in close quarters.

The Pepe Nero Milano kitchen torch is made in China, which reduces the cost to manufacture, but it was designed and tested in Italy. This infuses it with the features and quality you want at a price point that won’t make a big dent in your budget. It even comes with a whisk and a set of measuring spoons.

It has a refillable internal butane canister with a solid foot. There is a safety lock button built into the back which you can grip to depress when you want to ignite it.

A small dial allows you to easily adjust the flame. When turned up to the max it is rated to produce up to 2,730 degrees Fahrenheit. The 7-inch nozzle keeps your knuckles comfortably away from the flame.

Jo Chef Kitchen Torch

  • Child safety lock and ignition button with continuous use feature
  • 2,500-degree maximum temperature
  • Includes recipe book and heat resistant mat

The Jo Chef refillable butane kitchen torch is easy to use, with many of the features you are looking for in a quality searing tool. You also shouldn’t overlook the fact that it comes with a heat resistant mat and a recipe book. It’s a nice touch to get a novice started while protecting the counters. Yet it also has the sophisticated features that a professional cook looks for.

This kitchen torch has a 1.7-inch flared base to sit firmly on the countertop. It also has an ignition button with a child safety lock. The adjustable flame control is rated to produce up to 2,500-degrees Fahrenheit.

How We Picked

Kitchen torches appeal to several niches at one time. Professional chefs, pastry chefs, and culinary school students frequently use them to sear off foods, blister skins and caramelize sugars. Many home cooks like to be able to do these things for special dishes like Crème Brule or bananas foster as well as other things like cleaning jewelry and lighting fires.

For home cooks, especially those with young children in the house, we made sure to look for kitchen torches that have some kind of trigger lock or ignition safety feature. A stable base with a flared bottom or an attachable foot is also appealing for preventing accidental tip-overs and falls.

Long run time tends to be more important for professional chefs, and pastry chefs who need to frequently need to use a kitchen torch. To cater to these interests, we also kept an eye out for units that had a continuous flame.

The ability to adjust the flame is also a key feature as certain dishes and food items benefit from a high or low flame. This is especially handy for making sure the gas is being fully oxidized, to impart a clean flavor devoid of any hints of butane.

Authenzo BS-400 Kitchen Butane Torch Lighter

Authenzo BS-400 Kitchen Butane Torch Lighter


  • Refillable butane
  • Maximum temperature 2,500 degrees F
  • 2.3” flared base for stability
  • Non-slip grip
  • Security lock
  • Aluminum alloy body with stainless steel nozzle
  • Valve control
  • 1-year warranty

The Authenzo BS-400 is built with a solid aluminum alloy body with a refillable butane canister built-in. The 2.3-inch base is flared to help it sit firmly on the countertop. The nozzle is made from stainless steel, which helps it endure high heat while reducing long-term problems with metal fatigue.

Authenzo BS-400 Kitchen Butane Torch Lighter

There is also an easy to use dial that lets you control the intensity of the flame. The trigger itself also has a safety switch built into it, which turns it off the instant you release the trigger.

Food prepared with the Authenzo BS-400 Kitchen Butane Torch Lighter

The temperature range is rated to get as high as 2,500-degrees Fahrenheit. Along with the flame adjustment it allows you to use this torch for things like home handy crafts.

What We Liked

The 2.3-inch flared base is a nice touch and helps ease concerns about accidentally knocking it over. The aluminum frame is also sturdy and lightweight while also being relatively comfortable in the hand. The safety trigger also eases safety concerns, which is nice in a crowded professional kitchen or a home kitchen with curious small children under foot.


This is a well-designed unit with thoughtful safety features built-in. The one year warranty also makes a statement to the durable aluminum and stainless steel construction.

Just keep in mind that it doesn’t come with any butane in it, so you will need to purchase some and fill it before the first use. It would be nice if it came with a finger guard, but the nozzle is long enough to keep your hands relatively away from the heat.

Kollea 878A Culinary Butane Kitchen Torch

Kollea 878A Culinary Butane Kitchen Torch


  • Refillable butane
  • Butane not included
  • 2,500-degree maximum temperature
  • Adjustable heat dial
  • Safety trigger lock
  • Piezo push-button ignition system
  • Anti-flare technology
  • Continuous flame feature
  • 2-year warranty with a 45-day money-back guarantee

The Kollea 878A Culinary Butane Kitchen Torch was designed to appeal to home cooks as well as professional chefs. The refillable gas chamber is designed to run on butane, but a butane cylinder is not included in the initial purchase. When fully charged it is rated to have an average run time of up to 60 minutes.


The safety locking trigger also activates the piezo push-button ignition for a reliable flame every time. The long nozzle also produces a flame up to six inches long. This along with the finger guard reduces the chances of suffering from burned knuckles. Just bear in mind that the trigger still could leave your index finger exposed to heat during long torching sessions.

Preparing food with hte Kollea 878A Culinary Butane Kitchen Torch

The butane delivering can be altered by an easily adjustable dial to a maximum temperature of 2,500-degrees Fahrenheit. The neck also has built-in anti-flare technology, which is nice in a cramped kitchen. The base also has a stable foot to keep it in place when you set it down.