Best Nanny Cam [2020]


Spy camera detectors are becoming more popular, especially with individuals who are likely to misbehave. One of the more popular ways to thwart these devices is to disguise the nanny cam inside another innocent looking device. Rising to this challenge is the WEMLB WB-726 HD 1080P WiFi Hidden Camera Alarm Clock.

The camera has a 145-degree field of view, which is impressive for a security camera, especially one that’s fitted inside another device. It can be set up to record with motion detection or for continuous recording. The WEMLB WB-726 also has a night vision mode.

It can hold up to a 128 GB SD memory card. Which when paired with the motion detection recording feature allows you to store a significant amount of image data for times when you might be away from home for multiple days.

The YI 87025 Home Security Surveillance System Camera was specifically designed for wireless WiFi connectivity with an easy to use interface. This requires an app that is available for Apple IOS as well as Android which lets you stream video to your smartphone or another wireless device. It’s also Cloud compatible with a very affordable Cloud subscription option, or you can use 32 GBs of internal data storage.

The App also lets you set up the Yi 87025 for sound and motion alerts that go directly to your phone. The camera has a 112-degree field of view and captures images at 1080p image resolution, with noise filtering.

There is also an IR night vision mode, with a range of up to 16 feet. This allows you to set it up in your as a video baby monitor.

Google’s roots may run deep as an internet search engine, but they have also started to expand into high-quality consumer electronics that partner with their other online features. This includes their NC1104US Nest Cam home security camera.

It’s designed to transmit footage via a WiFi signal connected to Google’s Nest Aware App, which allows you to remotely view, record, and store footage. However, this does require you to maintain an active Google Nest subscription. The key features of the app allow you to set Nest Cam up to alert your phone when it detects motion or sound. It also allows you to both speak and listen through the camera.

The Nest Cam is powered by a rechargeable internal lithium-ion battery. The camera has an impressive 130-degree field of view and captures images at 1080p resolution. There is also a night vision mode for low light areas, which lets it double as a video baby monitor.

How We Picked

Different nanny/spy cams appeal to different people for different reasons. Determining how you are most likely to use the camera will go a long way toward filtering the features you prioritize.

If secrecy and security if a priority, then you likely will want to prioritize a smaller unit. One that can record to an SD card or uploads video to some type of online platform like the Cloud might help coordinate with law enforcement.

Of course, there are some people who stay on the alert for spy cams. A few will even go so far as to deploy spy cam detectors. To combat this, an increasing number of camera manufacturers are turning to alternative means to keep their cameras hidden. Some will attempt to use lenses with minimal reflectivity, while others will attempt to hide the camera itself inside of another less threatening device like an alarm clock.

On the other end of the spectrum, a pet cam or a camera used as a video baby monitor doesn’t really need to be disguised. With many of these, two-way audio is also a prime feature, even if it’s just to tell you dog to get off the couch while you’re at the office. So, we also made sure to keep an eye out for other niches beyond just caregiver surveillance and home security.

Connectivity and the user interface was also a feature to bear in mind. Ten years ago, security cameras had some type of data storage and if you were suspicious of an issue, you had to hunker down for an hour or two to fast forward through the collected footage to find the moment when something went wrong.

Today wireless connectivity is very popular, and many people who want a nanny, security or pet camera will prioritize some type of wireless feature. Sometimes this is a direct WiFi connection or a subscription to an online platform like the Cloud.

Of course, wireless connectivity pairs very well with mobile apps. Many manufacturers will include their own proprietary app or they have some type of affiliate program. We also kept a keen eye out for systems that had special features like motion sensors and alert programs that connect directly to your phone or another wireless device.

When it comes to recording images, there are some online platforms that will record data for you, while also letting you stream footage. However, they usually require some type of subscription, which can add to the long-term cost of use.

For people who just want a one time purchase, yet still want to be able to record critical moments, we also made sure to include nanny/security cameras that could save data directly to some type of SD card Many of these camera systems have smart features built-in. They can be set up to directly record and stream or only stream when the motion sensor activates. Then older data is the first thing the system overwrites.

Infrared night vision is also a very popular feature. Especially for homes and families who want to dual purpose the camera as a baby monitor, or for those who need to keep an eye on the nighttime status of their property.

PANORAXY B100V.3 Mini WiFi Hidden Spy Nanny Camera


  • Multi-User Capability
  • Disguised To Look Like A 3.1-Inch Cube Alarm Clock
  • Manufacturer “Invisible Lens”
  • Built-in Motion Sensor
  • Resolution: 720P HD 1280 x 720
  • High-Quality Sensor
  • WiFi Connection
  • Record Data On Embedded SD Card
  • IR Night Vision Mode Up To 8-Meters

The PANORAXY B100V.3 Mini WiFi Hidden Spy Nanny Camera was designed to thwart so-called “Spy Cam Detection Devices.” They do this both by disguising the camera inside a 3.1-inch cube alarm clock, as well as by using a proprietary “Invisible Lens.”

PANORAXY B100V.3 Mini WiFi Hidden Spy Nanny Camera

It has a motion sensor that triggers the recording feature, so as to make the most out of the data capacity of the embedded SD card. It also has video playback through a 2.4 G WiFi signal. It was designed to be easy to set up and can accommodate multiple users.

PANORAXY B100V.3 Mini WiFi Hidden Spy Nanny Camera

There’s also an IR Night Vision mode, which captures low light images in black and white. It has a maximum image range of 8-meters.