Best of Xbox Game Pass: Two-Point Hospital


Having spent quite a lot of time in hospitals the idea of being a doctor never really appealed to me. Plus, all the illnesses looked super boring. Cystic Fibrosis? Pfft. What’s cool about that, man. Luckily, Two-Point Hospital understands that real illnesses kind of suck and don’t involve anywhere near enough unscrewing people’s heads or patients dying in the corridors and becoming obnoxious ghosts who scare the other patients. Being a doctor is cool again!

Two-Point Hospital draws hefty inspiration from the classic Theme Hospital, giving you a series of hospitals to build and manage, and a steady stream of patients suffering from a wide variety of barmy problems that must be solved in equally barmy ways. If you fancy a more in-depth look at the game you can check out my review from 2018, but otherwise read on for the brief explanation of why it’s worth playing.

Two-Point Hospital is a relaxed building and management game despite the fact that you hold the lives of dozens of people in your hands. As the gormless patients come shambling through the front doors you’ll need to start plopping down GP rooms and doctors to start diagnosing them, before moving onto a variety of more specific diagnosis methods. Different little things get thrown into the mix as you move through the game, be it new types of rooms and diseases or cramped spaces that force you to really consider how big a staff room actually needs to be.