Best One-Person Tent [2019]


Best Overall: ALPS Mountaineering 1-Person Tent
The ALPS Mountaineering 1-Person Tent is perfect whether you’re a learner or adept camper with its sturdy structure and easy set-up. You should feel comfortable taking this tent on any trip that strikes your imagination and it will last you as long as you need.

Premium Pick: SNUGPAK Ionosphere One Man Dome Tent
If you aren’t concerned with price or difficulty, then SNUGPAK CANNOT be beat. It’s made of the highest quality camping material you can find, meaning it will withstand just about everything except a hurricane and it can be set up just about anywhere.


SNUGPAK Ionosphere One Man Dome Tent

  • No-See-Um-Mesh Mosquito Net Will Save You Bug Bites
  • 16 Durable Stakes And Sturdy Aluminum Poles Ensure Stability
  • Repair-Kit To Save Your Trip From Unforeseen Mishaps
  • RipStop And Waterproof Rainfly To Keep You Sealed And Dry

Best Value: LUXE TEMPO 3.3LB 1 Person Backpacking Tent
If price is your main concern though, then you should consider this tent. The LUXE TEMPO 3.3LB 1 Person Backpacking Tent is cheaper by far than many of its competitors while still retaining the quality materials of the pricier brands.

How We Picked

Camping trips are the perfect way to commune with nature. Whether it be for a peaceful, short stay on camping grounds or a long trek through the mountains, removing yourself from the world of instant connection and satisfaction can work wonders for your perspective. Of course, you don’t want to head into the wilderness unprepared. While it’s entirely possible to experience the joy of solitude with another person, the best way to squeeze the most out of your camping experience is with a one-person tent.

There are countless tents to choose from though, so how are you supposed to know which one is best for your individual camping needs? Don’t worry. We’re going to look at the ten best one-person tents we’ve compiled after scouring the market. If you aren’t sure exactly what to look for, we have included a buyer’s guide that shows you some of the most important features to consider. Also, we included a frequently asked questions section below which will hopefully cover any of your remaining concerns.

#1 ALPS Mountaineering 1-Person Tent

ALPS Mountaineering 1-Person Tent

Base Size: 2’ 8” x 7’ 6”
Height: 3’
Total Weight: 4.3 lbs.

At the top of Amazon’s recommended list, ALPS is a trusted brand with proven product performance. They’ve made a name for themselves as a leading camping product seller since their inception.

ALPS Mountaineering 1-Person Tent with tarp

The ALPS Mountaineering 1-Person Tent is the first tent on our list. From its relatively small size in and out of the package, this tent is definitely meant for one. When packed up, the tent takes up a 6” x 1’ 5.5” space, making it easy to store or carry on the trail. Unpacked it creates enough space for one person to rest comfortably, but it’ll be tough to fit anything else inside. The footprint area of the tent is narrow and designed for laying down, not standing or even sitting. You shouldn’t expect to hold any receptions or galas at your camping ground.

ALPS Mountaineering 1-Person Tent with closed cover

But if you don’t mind a snug fit, this tent is perfect for a solo hiking or camping trip. With a free-standing, aluminum two pole setup it’s easy for anyone to assemble and dismantle by themselves. The clay/rust color is simple and sleek, standing out no matter where it’s placed. The polyester tent rainfly is durable and resilient in all types of weather while the tent itself keeps out water, snow, and dirt. Having the rainfly up also gives you an extra vestibule for storage.

ALPS Mountaineering 1-Person Tent in the outdoors

There are two windows into the tent, but there is no way to cover them without using the rainfly, so if you’re planning on staying at a campground you might have less privacy than you’d like. It’s also important to buy a footprint to seal the floor in the event of storms as the tent doesn’t come with its own. These are minor issues that can be easily solved though, and no one tent ought to be too perfect anyway. The ALPS Mountaineering 1-Person Tent will last you years of travel and use without deteriorating too, ensuring you get bang for your buck.