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Lights are some of the coolest smart home gadgets right now. Unlike more complicated examples, these lights have just one or two purposes, they’re easy to install and they don’t cost the earth either. Take a look at some of our favourites below!

7. AGL 6 LED PIR Motion Sensor Strip Light

These LED light strips come with a tiny motion sensor, allowing them to turn on automatically when you need them, and stay off to save power when you don’t! They’re brilliant for sticking in dark places, like closets, stairs, kitchen cabinets and the like. For more ideas, check out our guide, 5 Brilliant Uses for Motiona Activated LED Strip Lights!

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6. MiPow Playbulb Color Bluetooth Speaker Smart Bulb

MiPow Playbulb Color Bluetooth Speaker Smart Bulb

This light bulb really is smart. First of all, you can connect to it from your phone, allowing you to control its light level and colour. It’s also a Bluetooth speaker, so you can stream music or podcasts to it to fill your room with your favourite sounds. You can also set timers to have the light or music to come on or off at a certain time; which is great for making your house appear occupied while you’re away, or to wake up to warm tones and your favourite song!

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5. AGL Colour Changing TV Backlight Kit

This simple lighting kit adds a backlight to your TV, enhancing the look of the action onscreen and adding a certain stylish ambience to your room. The lights are USB powered, so they can plug straight into your TV, and they stick on easily with 3M sticky tape. Run them around the perimeter of your TV, plug them in and turn them onto the colour of your choice using the in-line remote control.

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4. Veho Kasa Colour Changing Smart Strip Lighting Kit

This strip of smart home lighting goes further than the one we looked at earlier, giving you full chromatic control from your smartphone. Choose warm colours for a comfortable atmosphere, or shiny cold tones for a more modern feel. You can even set schedules, automatically changing colours or extinguishing them entirely at set times. Whatever you choose, you’ll love these mains-powered LED lights.

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3. AGL Motion Sensor Night Light

This night light is stronger and more directed than the strip lighting we saw before, which is ideal for lighting a specific area without requiring much room for mounting. The lights will come on automatically when motion is spotted, and can be removed from their mounts easily for battery replacement or just to use as a torch.

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2. Nanoleaf Aurora Modular Lighting Kit

Nanoleaf Aurora Smarter LED Modular Lighting Panel Kit - 9 Pack

This innovative modular lighting kit is a fun way to add modern flair to your home or office. The kit comes as nine triangles, which can be clipped together to make any pattern you like. Once installed, you can change the colour of each piece or the whole package using an app on your phone. You can even control the lights using Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri. This light isn’t as practical as the others on this list, but it just looks amazing — and that’s enough for me!

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1. AGL Toilet LED Night Light

Saving the best for last, this specialised LED light strip is designed to make your night-time toilet trips much safer and more comfortable. You can use red lights to keep your night vision intact, or more celebratory shades depending on your fancy. We’ll leave you to consider all the possibilities of such a system – and we’re sure you’ll hit that ‘more info’ button below to see what we have in mind!

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Wrapping up

I hope you found something great to improve your smart home! If not, why not write to us in the comments with ideas or feedback? We welcome your comments! Thanks for checking out the article and have a great week(end)!

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