Best Trail Camera [2019]


Best Overall: Reconyx HyperFire 2 HF2X Covert IR Camera
With one of the fastest trigger speeds, no glow IR system, and a warranty that’s unheard of, there’s no reason why this shouldn’t be the number one option on our list.

Budget Pick: Stealth Cam PX12
For those looking to keep the price down, while still getting great pictures and/or videos, the PX12 is the best “bang for the buck”. For those starting out, this is our most “favored” out-of-the-box solution.

Best For Speed: Browning Strike Force Pro XD 24MP
When speed matters, there’s only one choice. The Pro XD has the fastest trigger speed we’ve ever seen at a blistering 0.15 seconds. Nothing will escape the viewfinder at that speed. If you’ve been seeing the “tail end” of everything, then you need this trail camera.

How We Picked

With so many trail cameras to choose from, which one is right for you?

  • Do you get one with a 15+ megapixel camera?
  • What about one with a 720p video resolution?
  • Do you need a white flash or a no glow flash?

Even then, which ones really are worth it?

Well, we’ve found ten trail cameras that we feel are perfect for you. The cameras on this list outperform their counterparts while staying budget-friendly. Plus, we’ve even given you a buyer’s guide further down to understand what we considered.

So, are you ready to see the best trail cameras for 2019?

#1 Reconyx HyperFire 2 HF2X Covert IR Camera


  • Detection Range: 100 Feet
  • Flash: No Glow (IR Black)
  • Video: 720p + Audio
  • Maximum Storage: 512GB

The HyperFire 2 is one of the fastest trail cameras available on the market right now. In fact, with a trigger speed of 0.2 seconds, nothing can get out of the photo/video before it’s too late. The HF2X has a detection range up to 100 feet with a flash-range of 150 feet. There’s no chance that your image will be blacked out because of an out-of-range subject.

The image quality is equivalent to 1080p with a 5MP camera that creates stunning daytime pictures. Even at night, the images are still clear using the NoGlow Gen3 IR Black system. In fact, there are some customizable settings that even a professional photographer would appreciate (for adjusting white balance and exposure levels).

Reconyx HyperFire 2 HF2X Covert IR Camera sample image

The video quality is still good, reaching up to 720p. And while this isn’t 1080p or 4K quality, it still produces DVD-quality video without any artifacts and/or blurring. The video clips are capped out at ten seconds, but the clips include audio.

To power the HFX2, all you’ll need is 12 “AA” batteries. According to the manufacturer, you should get two years of use on one set of batteries. They did not specify if this was Alkaline or Lithium, though we would expect the best performance from Lithium batteries. If you are concerned with battery life, you can lower the flash range of 100 feet instead of 150 feet.

Reconyx HyperFire 2 HF2X Covert IR Camera side

What We Like

This is a great trail camera with a little bit of everything for everyone. The 5MP images are crystal-clear in either day or night settings. While the video is only 720p, it’s still more than enough and they’ve even managed to capture audio too.


If you want a trail camera that has the fastest trigger time in the industry, then look no further. When time is of the essence, the 0.2 second trigger time ensures nothing will slip by. This is a great point-and-shoot trail camera with a few features even a professional wildlife watcher would enjoy.

#2 Browning Strike Force Pro XD 24MP

Browning Strike Force Pro XD 24MP


  • Detection Range: 80 Feet
  • Flash: Red Glow (IR Red)
  • Image: 24MP
  • Video: 1080p + Audio
  • Maximum Storage: 512GB

This might be the fastest trail camera in the world right now with a 0.15 second trigger speed. There’s a good chance that whatever triggered the sensor won’t be able to get away before its picture is taken. And the Strike Force Pro has a detection range of 80 feet with a 120-foot flash range; nothing will be out of the flash range if it triggered inside of the detection range.

Browning Strike Force 24MP

In fact, the image quality is crazy with 24MP of image resolution. As the Pro XD uses two different lenses (one day + one night), it can really capture everything with magazine-quality clarity. In fact, the night pictures stood out to us because of how clear they were.

Browning Strike Force Pro XD 24MP on tree

Video quality is 1080p, or hi-def quality. In high-lighting situations, the camera will appear a little “washed out”; not enough to matter, but it will affect the color quality some. In any case, the video quality is superb and you’ll easily be able to see and identify every capture without any problems. And video length can be adjusted from 5 seconds to 120 seconds (2 minutes).

The Pro XD works with 6 “AA” Lithium Batteries and has a life expectancy of over two years. If you need “more power”, the Pro XD also has an external 12-volt power jack.

Browning Strike Force Pro XD 24MP box

What We Like

The dual-lens camera system gives you some of the best pictures and/or videos no matter the time. It has a blistering 0.15 second trigger time which is phenomenal. Even though the range is limited to 80 feet, it’ll capture everything.