Biomutant Review – Furry Mad Max


Biomutant comes from a small team of just 20-people and has captured my interest every time it has been shown over the last four years or so. And how could it not? It’s an action-RPG about being a mutated mammal who knows martial arts, set in a luscious post-apocalyptic world where humans are long-gone and now it’s just weirdly mutated animals everywhere. I hope that if we ever die out as a species our planet gets taken over by some new, strange form of life that runs around in the ruins of our cities and spends ages making up strange-sounding words to describe our technology.

This is an ambitious and bold project, an adventure spanning anywhere from 15-50 hours depending on how you tackle it. It’s ram-packed full of different ideas, from the martial arts inspired combat to the weapon crafting to getting to pilot a mech. But with so much going on it quickly becomes clear that Biomutant doesn’t do any one thing very well, and each of its ideas are shallow. There’s a bolted together feel to Biomutant that speaks to a team trying to bodge together multiple concepts. Focus is what the game lacks and what could have saved it from being the fairly mediocre RPG that it is.