Car Radar Detectors – Everything you need to Know in 2019


Do you remember the rush you had when you first bought a car? Priceless right? Well, at that moment, no one would even blame you for speeding. It’s almost impossible to stop yourself from over speeding. But eventually, you found yourself running in with the law – speeding tickets, maybe even some jail time.  If none of these, you surely these possibilities were surely on your mind.

Whether willingly or unconsciously, we sometimes over speed on the road. Unfortunately, that speeding ticket can, in the end, increase your insurance premium.  Some indications say by up to 22%. Yes, you read that right.

So, how can you prevent this from ever happening? It’s pretty simple actually. All you need to do is buy a car radar detector. Stick around and I will share with you what you need to consider when buying a radar detector, benefits of using one, how to use it most effectively, and finally some precautions to take.

What is a Car Radar Detector?

Basically, a car radar detector is a small device that will help you detect the presence of radar, for instance, the ones used by police to spot any car driving over the required speed limit. There are also certain types of radar detectors that will help you detect the presence of speed traps on the road.

Some of the traditional radar detectors are not able to detect speed traps. So, you will need to understand the description of each radar detector. In our current market, there are tons of radar detectors. Therefore, you might get confused about which one to buy. Thankfully, this article is at your best interest. Here, I will help you find that car radar detector that will be effective for your exact type of car. I’ll also include some of the relevant information on car radar detectors.

What to Look For When Purchasing a Car Radar Detector

When it comes to finding the best car radar detector, there are a few features you will have to look for before settling for one. These items are not cheap. That said, I’m sure no one wants to buy an item that will quickly become ineffective in just under a few weeks. We all need long-lasting items. Here are some of the considerations you need to have when buying a car radar detector:

  • Your Budget: This is without any question the most crucial thing. You need to decide what your budget is before going shopping. With a fixed budget, you will be able to shop wisely and conservatively. Take your time and draft what your budget is.
  • The Attachment: The next thing you need to look for is where the model will attach to your car. Some car radar detectors are hard to properly attach them to your car which also makes it even harder to adjust them. Some of these devices can be attached to the window screen using suction cups. Additionally, the size of your car matters. So, don’t obstruct your vision by using a huge radar detector on a small windscreen.
  • Lasers: most radar detectors are only able to detect speed radar devices. But there are others that also have the ability to detect laser. It is important for you to decide which model you want. More importantly, there are devices that can do both of the above functions. However, they tend to be more expensive.
  • 360o Protection: this is a feature that will protect your vehicle from being a target from all directions. In case your device doesn’t have this feature, it will only warn you about speed traps from one direction. It won’t alert you if the speed trap is behind you.

Benefits of Using Radar Detectors

Speeding tickets can cost you a lot. Aside from messing up your budget, they can also cost your insurance policy. Therefore, you need an effective way to avoid such instances.

And with that in mind, radar detectors will help you avoid getting unnecessary tickets that you can easily avoid. The car radar detectors help you avoid conflict with the traffic police. You might be over speeding and your mind is only focussed on your destination. In such instances, you need something to warn you in advance before getting into trouble.

This device also increases your awareness of the speed traps in your neighbourhood. It will essentially make you a more responsible and vigilant driver on the road since you can now locate all the speed traps around.

How to Use Radar Detectors Most Effectively

Simply put, the radar that police use to track your speed are devices that emit radio waves that they use to detect your speed. On the other hand, the radar detectors basically act as radio receivers and are able to pick up the signals before the transmission goes back to the speed trap.

Some advanced car radar detectors are able to send a mixed signal to the speed trap so it doesn’t register your speed. That’s because it causes interference to the signal. If you want your radar detector to work effectively, then you need to ensure you have a car that doesn’t have tinted windows.

When you tint your windows, it will essentially interfere with the transmission of waves hence causing a delay to your radar detector. In the end, the police speed trap will be able to register your speed on time. Tinted windows render these devices useless. So, if you need a radar detector, you might have to remove the tint in your windows.

Key Warnings and Precautions when using Radar Detectors

Each state has its own legal regulations to radar detectors. Therefore, before buying this device, you will have to check with the right authorities if it’s allowed in your country.

As much as this device will help increase your response on the road, I, however, caution you not to become a ‘stupid driver’. The radar detector cannot protect you from everything. The best way to avoid any costly traffic tickets is by staying alert and aware of all that is happening on the road.

These devices are only able to detect laser and radar speed traps. There are several ways through which law enforcement officers can use to detect your speed. The best way to stay away from any trouble is by paying attention and you will reduce your chances of getting caught.

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