How to record a screen using PowerPoint


Updated: 03/06/2020 by Computer Hope

The steps below outline how to use PowerPoint to record your screen. The record your screen function is helpful to show someone how to do something without having to type out an explanation.

For the record your screen function, you can use the recorded video in a PowerPoint presentation. You can also record it as a stand-alone MP4 video, for use outside of PowerPoint in any program that supports MP4 video.

For these steps, you must have access to PowerPoint. If you want to record sound or a voice with the recording, you must also have a sound card, microphone, and speakers. If you don’t have PowerPoint and would like to get it, see: How to create a Microsoft Office 365 account.

  1. Open any programs on your computer you might need for the steps of the video.
  2. Open PowerPoint.
  3. Click the Blank Presentation option on the first screen to create a new presentation, or open an existing presentation.
  4. In the Ribbon, click the Insert tab, then click the Screen Recording option.

Screen Recording option in Microsoft PowerPoint

  1. On the pop-up window that appears at the top of the screen (shown below), click on Select Area. Then, with your mouse, click-and-drag to select the desired area of the screen to record. The selection can include the entire screen or a portion of the screen. Setting up the recording area may take several attempts to get it correct, as you need to make sure all steps of your process are included in the end result. Once you establish your recording area, move to the next step.

PowerPoint record menu

  1. Click on Record. The screen shows a 3-second countdown, then starts recording all actions performed as you go through the steps of your process.
  2. When finished, either drag your mouse cursor up to the top-middle of the screen to reveal the Record menu and click on either Pause or Stop. You can also use the Windows key+Shift+Q shortcut to stop the recording.
  3. Click Play in the Ribbon to make sure the video is how you want it. If not, make any necessary changes to it or record it again.
  4. Once it is to your liking, save the video, referencing steps 10 and 11 below for help.

There are two options for saving the video file, steps 10 and 11 outline the two possibilities for saving the finished video file to your computer.

  1. If you’re saving this to PowerPoint for use in a presentation, click on File > Save as, and choose where you want it saved.
  2. If you want to save the video for use outside PowerPoint, right-click the video in the slide and select Save Media as. Choose the location on your computer where you want to save the video, name the video, and click Save. Saving the recording this way saves your video in MP4 format.
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