Nintendo reportedly fixing Joy-Con 'drifting' issue for free – CNET


Nintendo will reportedly fix “drifting” Joy-Cons for free.


Nintendo will reportedly repair Switch Joy-Cons with the “drifting” problem for free. This comes days after the Japanese company was hit with a lawsuit over the controller issue. 

Nintendo will not charge for Joy-Con repairs and will refund those who paid to have their controllers fixed, according to a leaked memo received by Vice Tuesday. The company also reportedly won’t require proof of purchase or warranty status for those contacting customer service about the “drifting” issue. 

The “drifting” problem in Joy-Cons is when the controller continues to recognize a directional input thus preventing it from re-centering itself. Nintendo’s support forum for the Switch has posts about the issue since 2018.

Nintendo said Tuesday it’s aware of the problem and advised those affected to visit

Law firm Chimicles Schwartz Kriner & Donaldson-Smith filed its lawsuit against the company last week and is seeking class-action status. The complaint alleges that Nintendo marketed and sold the Switch and Joy-Con controllers despite being “aware of the defect through online consumer complaints.”

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