Weekend Whammy: Bloodstained, Yu-Gi-Oh! & Warcraft


So I woke up the other day and suddenly unleashed what can only be described as a machine-gun burst of sneezes so violent and so loud that any war veterans in the area would have been diving for cover. Yes, I’ve gotten yet another sodding cold. I’m not going to blame anyone, but….*glares accusingly toward my brother’s house*

But anyway, my dreadful illness has given me an awesome excuse to be a lazy bastard and so I’ve not played heaps or done much review work. The only thing of note was that I reviewed World of Warcraft 3: Reforged, the remaster/remake of the classic Blizzard RTS and man, it was a letdown. And so Blizzard’s reputation continues to crumble around them, the once proud company that was a shining beacon of game development now holding the dishonourable record for having the lowest user-rated game on Metacritic. Blood hell, Blizzard.

Due to my review I wound up getting sent an Email which gave me what my be the best compliment I’ve ever gotten: ” Your recent Warcraft review had just the right amount of information and snark.” I’m blushing. The gentlemen who sent me the message runs a Youtube channel called The Icon and asked me to feature a video. I reckon a compliment that amazing certainly warrants a video, eh? So here’s The Icon’s list of the top 10 amazing works of architecture in videogame: