Weekend Whammy: Isolation, Next-Gem & Doom Eternal


It appears, my dear friends, that the world has gone a tiny bit mad. But I’m here to bless your horrible day with my mere presence, with my unadulterated brilliance! Alright, seriously, I hope you’ve been staying safe and looking after yourselves in these tricky times. Luckily we’ve got games to occupy ourselves with, so this week I’m chatting about Gamestop being stupid, Doom Eternal being awesome and next-gen consoles being delayed.

I did a bit of actual honest-to-God work this week and put out two reviews, the first being the adorably daft Dead or School. And the second review tackled the excellent TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge 2 which I reckon might be the best motorbike handling system ever. Fighting words, I know, but I’m going to stand by them, at least until I get bored and amble off to find some Wine Gums. So, like, five minutes. Tops.

Like the rest of the world at the moment I’ve been busy playing Doom Eternal non-stop, revelling in the gloriously gory combat it offers and the welcome break from reality it provides. It’s a terrific, but one I don’t think is better than Doom 2016 – rather, I think it’s simply different and you’re going to wind up strongly preferring one or the other. That’s because Doom Eternal is a much more complicated game than its predecessor, and thus there’s a lot I have to say about what works and what doesn’t. I’m looking forward to writing what will hopefully be a thoughtful, smart review for you fine folks, although we all know the reality is that I’ll spew a bunch of nonsensical word-vomit onto a page and then collapse in a drunken stupor. It’s the thought that counts, though, right?

Random story about Doom Eternal; I actually got sent review code for the game on Xbox One about a week before it was due to launch. So why no review? Well, I have my internet with Three Mobile where I use a router and a SIM card with unlimited data, because out here in the countryside the standard broadband is utterly useless. For the most part Three’s service has worked great, boosting my speeds from a measly 4-5MB average to 20-25MB. However, due to what Three are telling me is an “unplanned” upgrade to their network large downloads on Xbox won’t work. So I spent a week hoping they’d get the problem fixed, and then a day before launch I gave up, raided my pitiful savings and bought the game on PC instead. This is also why I’ve not reviewed Ori & The Will of the Wisp. With any luck I’ll review it down the line

Speaking of Doom, let’s just all take a minute and remember that glorious time in 2016 where the Game Awards suddenly turned into a mosh pit. Ah, those were simpler, better times.