What is Possessed Object?


Updated: 07/06/2021 by Computer Hope

With computers and security, a possessed object is a term used to describe any item you must carry to gain access to a computer, facility, or room. Examples of possessed objects include a security badge, keycard, smart card, and keys. For example, many companies issue a security badge that allows you to access a facility. If the company has additional secure rooms in the facility, that badge could also allow only specific employees to access those secure areas.

In addition to providing additional security, possessed objects have the following added benefits.

  • Log date and time when they’re used.
  • Help with monitoring employees.
  • Easily update to add and remove privileges.

However, possessed objects also have the disadvantage of allowing anyone to use them. If the possessed object were stolen, it gives a thief the same privileges, unless a PIN or additional biometric authentication is required.

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