Why your Mobile Phone could be spreading Coronavirus


Our mobile phones are one of the commonly used items on a daily basis, touched more times than anything else throughout the day as we browse Facebook, chat via Whatsapp and surf the net. With such exposure and constant use, it’s important that our phone’s are cleaned regularly in order to help prevent the spread of diseases such as Coronavirus.

How dirty are Mobile Phones?

With our phones being in such constant use and often rarely cleaned, it should be no surprise that these smart devices can harbour a ton of bacteria. What’s amazing though is that on average a smartphone will carry over 25,000 bacteria per square inch, which is dirtier than a kitchen worktop (1,736 bacteria per square inch), your dog’s food bowl (8,643 bacteria per square inch) and what’s worse, your phone’s screen carries more bacteria per square inch than your average toilet seat.

How to stop coronavirus building up

How can my Mobile Phone carry Caronavirus?

While Coronavirus mainly spreads via person-to-person contact, it is possible for the disease to land and live on a surfaces. So if particles spread through coughing or sneezing were to land on your smartphone, this bacteria could easily be spread further through a user touching their device and if the same user were to touch their mouth, nose or ears, then Caronavirus could be caught.

How to prevent Caronavirus and bacteria building up on my phone?

The simple answer is to clean your device regularly with an anti-bacterial cleaner such as the Whoosh non-toxic cleaning spray A spray in-fact that’s safe for both your device and the environment.

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Screen cleaners like Whoosh and Olixar’s Cleanseal Anti-Bacterial Liquid Screen Cleaner ensure that your device remains bacteria free, making them safe to use throughout the day. However we do recommend some further steps to help avoid bacteria build-up on your device which include:

  • Don’t use your phone in the toilet
  • Don’t use your phone while eating
  • Don’t bring your phone to the gym
  • Clean your phone after others have used it
  • Wash your hands as well as your phone’s screen regularly

Olixar CleanSeal Anti-Bacterial Liquid Screen Cleaning and Protection

Screen cleaning sales soar

Such has been the demand for any preventative measures, Mobile Fun have seen a staggering rise in screen cleaning solution sales, with a drastic increase upwards of 320%.

Mobile Fun Screen Cleaning Solutions Sales Increase

How Mobile Fun is trying to help

To help promote cleaner smartphone’s, Mobile Fun have decided to give away a Free high-quality Cleaning Cloth to all it’s customers. Anyone placing an order on a Mobile Fun website will receive a free cloth worth £4.99 along with their order, so customer’s can fight the grub and bacteria on their phone first hand.

Mobile Fun Cleaning Cloth

We hope this gesture will help to reduce the risk of this and other diseases from spreading via your smartphones, tablets and other gadgets.

How to claim your free cleaning cloth?

All you need to do is place an order on any Mobile Fun website and your order will automatically come with a free cleaning cloth. No hoops to jump through, details to provide or voucher codes to enter, your free cloth will be packed and shipped along with your ordered products, allowing you to keep your device clean at all times.

Wrapping up

We hope you found this article helpful. If you would like more information on Coronavirus then please see the NHS help pages here.

Mike HartMike Hart

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